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The innovative range of Vintage Keeper wine dispensers provide every license premise and cellar door tasting facility a brilliant opportunity to increase sales as well as save money.

Vintage Keeper's unique and completely simple system of nitrogen or argon gas blanketing allows wine products to be stored after opening for about two weeks without any discernible loss of freshness or quality.

In fact the Vintage Keeper is the smartest and most versatile, most efficient and easy-to-operate system yet devised to dispense wine by the glass - in restaurants, clubs, bars, bistros, bottle-shops and tasting rooms.

We offer our cabinets with any number of bottle connections.
Up to 10 bottles of wine fit on one cabinet.
Reds at room temperature and whites can remain chilled in insulated coolers.
There are also trays available to keep the whites cold in crushed ice.

If you don't have room for the timber cabinet, you  may purchase our self
assembly kit. With this kit you can setup as many bottles as you need.
Only tools required are a glass of hot water and a sharp knife.
The introduction of the new Stelvin Screw Caps for wine bottles means
bottle manufacturers  now concentrate on the moulded thread form on
the outside  of the bottle rather than maintaining a tight tolerance on the
bore size of the bottle neck to accommodate the traditional cork stopper.

Taking advantage of this technology change Precision Measures has introduced a new adaptor for Vintage Keeper dispensers which screws onto the Stelvin thread of the wine bottle allowing the expanding seal of all existing Vintage Keeper dispenser heads to be quickly and easily fitted to any wine bottle manufactured with a Stalvin screw cap seal.

The adaptor means all your existing Vintage Keeper dispenser heads can now be used with either the new screw top bottles or in traditional cork sealed wine bottles.

Adaptors are available for immediate delivery – order by telephone, fax or on the web.

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